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Credit Pro has been boosting credit scores with our authorized user tradelines longer than any other company around! The most experience at the most competitive prices...why trust your credit to anyone else?

Credit Pro will boost your FICO score by adding tradelines with perfect payment history to your credit.

If you are looking to improve your credit score and unlock the potential that a high FICO brings, you’ve come to the right place. Our dedicated team of professionals will tailor a perfect plan to get your score up where you want it. Contact us today for more information.

We can raise your score quickly and successfully, and best of all, our program is GUARANTEED!

How using tradelines can repair your credit

Tradelines offer powerful tools for rebuilding your credit

Re-Establish Credit

It is estimated that up to 70% of all credit reports contain inaccurate information, some of which may be hurting your score. Whether you suffer from mistakes or you had some setbacks in the past, you may have been thrown in a hole that can be difficult to climb out of.  As former mortgage industry professionals, we’ve seen 1000′s of credit reports and can quickly determine if tradelines could help your situation. We provide tradelines as a means to help take back the good credit score you deserve!  

What is Piggybacking?

When you purchase tradelines from us, we add you as an authorized user to our revolving credit accounts which have years of PERFECT payment history and extremely low utilization ratios. Each month the creditor reports this history not only for the primary cardholder, but also for the authorized users on the account. This is known as credit ”piggybacking“. Seem to good to be true? It’s not…It’s real, it works and it’s completely legitimate. About 30% of credit reports contain at least one authorized user account, so their presence is not unusual.

No Credit?

We Can help! Tradelines are just as effective at establishing new credit as they are for rebuilding poor credit simply because the payment history on our authorized user accounts is based on when the account was originally opened rather then when you were added. Combine that with the added drop in your utilization ratio and you can see why credit scores can increase so much. There is no deception, there is no fraud…creditors, banks and lenders know that authorized user accounts are a component of consumer credit scores. Most importantly, there are no restrictions on who can add you as an authorized user!